Just How Big Is It?

Did you know that based on our experience 9 out of 10 homeowners don't know the true square footage of their own home? How can that be? Well the answer is simple, the sources most rely upon for the square footage of their home (county assessor, builder permits or plans, what their brother in-law told them), don't employ across the board standards for measuring homes.  Appraiser's are relied upon nationwide to provide accurate home measurements and are one of only a few sources that are considered reliable to use for marketing purposes. 


Reasons to order a square footage measurement from an appraiser...

  • Price Per/SF: Ever bought or listed your home and based most if not all of the price negotiations on the price/sf? If so, then start from a point of knowledge and find out the actual square footage of the home you are looking to buy or sell. Not doing so could cause you to lose out on potentially thousands of $$$!

Listing Example: Assessor Sq.Ft at 2,000 sf X $150/sf = List Price of $300,000

Appraiser measured Sq.Ft at 2,050 sf X $150/sf = List Price of $307,500

That 50 Sf Difference = $7,500 missed*
*Actual results will vary, example is for demonstration only

  • Marketing: Ok, you have a price you want to list for and the square footage or price/sf is not a factor for you. Not so fast! It most likely will be for potential buyers. You or your agent paid for professional photos, staging, had the home professionally cleaned, and maybe even flyers made. The accurate price/sf should be an integral part of your marketing and could help your home stand out and appear more competitive with other listings should it measure larger. 
  • What if my house measures smaller: Yes this happens, homes can measure smaller than other sources like the assessor report. That can be a real bummer and could have the opposite impact you wanted. But lets face it we live in a litigious era. Do you really want to run the risk of being liable for not providing an accurate square footage from a reliable source? 
  • Quick and in-expensive: The cost to have a certified measurement from an appraiser is quick and can usually be done with only a few days of lead time. It is also very economical with most costing a fraction of a full appraisal   contact us.